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Back to school tips

By Dr. Jessica Bocook
Dosher Medical-Southport

While many of us have been enjoying long summer days by the pool and beach, it won't be long before we are packing backpacks as our kids head back to school. As parents, we want the best for our children, so here are some suggestions for a successful school year:

Getting enough sleep is critical for children to do well in school. Those who don't have difficulty concentrating and this will affect their ability to retain information.

Have your children turn off electronic devices well before bedtime and during study unless it's required for their classes.

Starting at a young age, create an environment that is conducive to doing homework.

Be available for questions, but don't do their homework for them.

Create healthy food choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Limit their intake of sugars and processed foods which create brain fatigue.

Educate your children on bullying. Let them it's not okay to be bullied or to be the bully. Keep talking to your children. It's important they know that they have an advocate.

Monitor electronic devices and social media. Your child's safety should always be a priority.

Get involved in your children's PTA. Know their teachers and administrators.


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