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Dosher Urgent Care is now a dedicated screening and testing site for COVID-19.  Patients are required to call ahead.  910-454-4732

“I couldn’t walk five minutes on the treadmill when I started. I can walk farther on the beach now, and I can play soccer in the back yard with my grandchildren for a lot longer than before,” - Sharon Jordan, Dosher’s first PAD program patient.

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Rehabilitation Program

Dosher Memorial Hospital is pleased to now offer a rehab program for individuals with symptomatic Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). PAD often causes pain, cramping, limping and a tired feeling in the legs when walking, even short distances. This is known as claudication and can be a debilitating factor limiting mobility and function. Our new "PAD Rehab" is a 36-session, supervised exercise program, individually designed for each participant. The advantages of PAD Rehab include improved walking distance, reduced leg pain, reduced cardiovascular risk factors, and improved quality of life.

Sessions take place at the Dosher Wellness Center and will be managed by our certified Cardiac Rehab team of nurses and exercise physiologists. This program is covered by most insurance providers and does require a physician's order. Call 910-457-3871


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