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Physical therapy patient loved the challenge

Karen Michalske lives at St. James Plantation with her husband, Glen. Like many people in southeast Brunswick County, they are at the stage in their lives where topics like "knee replacements" aren't necessarily unusual. For Karen, she had her second total knee replacement last year.

Glen, a consultant to the capital equipment side of the medical industry, understood the importance of getting Karen high-quality physical therapy post-surgery. They tried one facility, weren't impressed, then conducted additional research and selected Dosher's satellite Physical Therapy department at Dosher Wellness Center, a couple of miles from their home.

For Karen and Glen, there were two main reasons they fell in love with Dosher Physical Therapy services and kept coming back for more therapy. For Karen, the specialist who helped her was a game changer.

"Hugh Nobles worked closely with me throughout our time at Dosher," Karen says. "He was thorough and gentle, but he challenged me to push myself to get stronger each visit. He expedited my recovery without compromising the rehabilitation process which was really special."

For Glen, considering his experiences with medical sales over the years, the equipment and machines provided at the Dosher Wellness Center were unparalleled.

"Your facility itself is a beautiful building, but the structure is not outweighed by the equipment available for use," Glen says. "Especially using the Biodex equipment, I felt a lot better about the progress Karen was making because it's the best in the business. The tutorials on how to operate the machinery were excellent and it got to the point where we came to Dosher more times than we probably needed to."

Karen has successfully recovered from both knee surgeries and Glen has been thrilled to see her return to activities of daily of living.

With physical therapy services at the hospital and Dosher Wellness Center, the staff provides care wherever it's more convenient to patients. For more information on Dosher Physical Therapy services, call us at 910-457-4701.

Physical therapist Hugh Nobles helps patient Karen Michalske improve her knee function.


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