Surgical equipment manufacturer Stryker is producing a video about Dosher eliminating surgical smoke. Department of Surgery Director Kim York is shown during an interview for the video.
National award for Dosher operating rooms

Outpatient Surgery magazine has named Dosher Memorial Hospital an OR Excellence Award recipient for 2017 for implementing a program to eradicate surgical smoke from the operating rooms at the hospital. Dosher is one of seven hospitals in the U.S. to earn this recognition for various aspects of operating room services, and it comes in the staff safety category.

"Removal of surgical smoke is a good thing for our patients, employees and staff physicians," Kim York, RN, BSN, director, Dosher Surgical Services, says. York developed the program to eradicate the smoke via cautery pencils that suction smoke from incisions into a filtering device.

Operating Room staff members pause after a busy day in the Dosher ORs. Seated: Karen Clayton, Liz Millard, Kim Womble, Nicole Jenkins and Eugene Cheramie. Standing: Kim York, Mandy Autry, Mark Reutter, Brian Phelps, Billy Malpass, and Carolina Minton. Not pictured: John Floyd and Bert Hatch.


Dosher Medical Minute

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