John Stone speaks to a WECT-TV reporter about various treatments for diabetic foot ulcers and other chronic wounds.
Wound Healing

People develop non-healing wounds for a multitude of reasons. Most are completely out of your control. Please don't blame yourself, or feel that there is no hope. At the Dosher Wound Care Center, we are here for you or your loved ones for this very reason. We work tirelessly to diagnose the cause of these wounds and reverse their course to give you back your freedom to do the things you enjoy. Whether from diabetes, venous disease, infections or surgical wounds, we use a systematic approach with clinical practice guidelines to heal these chronic wounds. Some of the reasons wounds stop healing can be circulatory issues, protein deficiencies, infections, and auto immune disorders. All of these things can be reversed once they are properly diagnosed. If you or a family member has an open wound that isn't healing please call us at the Dosher Wound Center, 910-454-1192. We offer hope for healing.

John Stone, CHRN, Program Director
Dosher Wound Care Center


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