Cardiac Rehabilitation

This comprehensive program is available to assist an individual in the modification of risk factors that contributed to his or her heart disease. Customized programs are designed to help one regain energy and strength while recovering from a heart attack (myocardial infarction), heart surgery, irregular heart rhythms, or a stent placement.

As a prescribed part of your treatment plan Medicare and other insurances will often cover the cost of a Phase II program.

In addition, to exercise there is education on a:

Heart healthy eating plan
Risky cholesterol management plan
Weight loss approach
Smoking cessation strategy
Diabetic management plan
Relaxation approach for stress management
High blood pressure management strategies, and Medication review.

Our Cardiac Rehab Team consists of a:

Board Certified Cardiologist, as Medical Director, available for observation of continuous heart monitoring during exercise sessions.
Registered Nurses as Clinical Coordinators, providing ongoing assessments;
Masters Prepared Exercise Specialist for Exercise Prescriptions.
Nutrition Assessment by a Registered Dietician.
Licensed Psychologist, available for individual counseling.
Licensed Vocational Rehabilitation, available for assistance in finding more appropriate job if needed.
Additional registered nurses for monitoring.
Volunteers, who have been through a similar program, to provide assistance.
Your referring physician, and most importantly.

For more information about Dosher Memorial Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Department, please call (910)457-3871.