Diabetes Management

The Diabetes Self-management Outpatient Program at Dosher Memorial Hospital is designed for adults with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. The program, nationally recognized by the American Diabetes Association, assists people with diabetes in managing their disease. A referral by a physician is required for participation in the program. To schedule an appointment, the physician's office may call 910-454-4731. Referrals may be faxed to 910-457-3858. Medicare and most insurance plans will provide reimbursement for the cost of this program.

The Diabetes Self-management Outpatient Program

The program includes:
Pre-class assessment by the certified diabetes educator (CDE)
Classes on all aspects of diabetes care are available:
Exercise and activity
Nutrition parts 1 and 2
Medical nutrition therapy (one-on-one consultation with RD, LDN)

One-on-one sessions as needed.
Follow-up will be provided as agreed upon.

The program staff

Staff includes: Diabetes educators with backgrounds as a registered nurse, certified diabetes educator, registered dietitian, and licensed nutritionist.


Based on the needs of the participant, the program will provide instructions in the following areas:
Diabetes overview
Stress and psychosocial adjustment
Family involvement and social support
Exercise and activity
Monitoring and use of results
Relationship among nutrition, exercise, medication, and blood glucose levels
Prevention, detection, and treatment of acute complications
Foot, skin, and dental care
Behavior change strategies, goal setting, risk factor reduction and problem solving
Benefits, risks, and management options for improving glucose control
Use of healthcare systems and community resources

For more information, call our educator: Vicki Allen at 910-454-4731. Diabetes Education works closely with the Dosher Wound Care Center which has a 97 percent "heal rate."

If you are attending an upcoming session, you will need to fill out this Health History Form and send to:
Diabetes Education
Dosher Memorial Hospital
924 N. Howe St.
Southport, NC 28461

Please bring a copy with you to your session.