Diagnostic Imaging

The following services are offered through Dosher Memorial Hospital's Diagnostic Imaging Department:

PACS: Our new digital imaging process allows our technologists to share your procedure results with physicians quickly and securely through the internet.
CT Scans: [Spiral & Total Body] A 16-Slice Brilliance CT Scanner allows faster images with greater detail. Digital Pulse Fluoroscopy allows the technologist to develop a high quality image with a much lower dose of radiation.
Vascular Imaging
X-ray (Diagnostic Radiography)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging: the larger opening of this unit eases claustrophobic patients and allows us to diagnose patients up to 300 pounds.
Digital Mammography: approved by both the FDA and the ACR. Our new LoRad MIV mammography unit is used in conjunction with Second LookŪ technology (a computer that provides a "second look" to detect even the slightest abnormalities).
Nuclear Medicine: bone scans, thyroid scans, VQ scans, cardiac imaging
Osteoporosis: With the DEXA method [Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry], the patient receives a low-dose, early-detection screen that enables a radiologist to detect bone loss at as little as one percent. DEXA is 99 - 99.5% accurate and measures both the hip and spine -- areas most affected by osteoporosis (hip fractures and "kyphosis," curving of the spine). Support services for patients diagnosed with bone loss include Nutritional Counseling and Physical Therapy.
MRI: Our brand new MRI - a GE HDE 1.5 tesla machine is housed at our Dosher Medical Plaza on Long Beach Road. MRI is a noninvasive imaging test that aids in the diagnosis and treatment for medical conditions. Magnetic resonance imaging utilizes radio frequency pulses without radiation to show detailed images of soft tissues and internal body structures. Our relationship with Alliance Imaging has given us the ability to offer this state of the art technology partnering with Dosher Memorial Hospital. This location and technology is more convenient to our community and provides immediate support the professional community to provide for your healthcare.

For more information about any of our Diagnostic Imaging services, please call Dosher Memorial Hospital's Diagnostic Imaging Department at (910)457-3881.