Lead mammography technologist Elizabeth Walker, RT(R), (CT), (M), prepares a patient for an exam on our new 3-D mammography unit, the same high-tech equipment used at larger hospitals.
Diagnostic Imaging

Dosher now offers digital tomosynthesis for the breast, or three-dimensional mammography screening. 3-D mammograms improve detection of invasive cancers by 40 percent.

Due to high patient demand for this new service, Dosher has added Saturday hours in November. For an appointment, call 910-457-3948. Please note that this new service may not be covered by every health insurance plan, so there may be an out-of-pocket expense of up to $100.

Our other diagnostic imaging services are:

PACS: This digital imaging process allows our technologists to share your procedure results with physicians quickly and securely through the internet.

CT Scans: [Spiral & Total Body] A 16-Slice Brilliance CT Scanner allows faster images with greater detail. Digital Pulse Fluoroscopy allows the technologist to develop a high quality image with a much lower dose of radiation.


Vascular Imaging


X-ray (Diagnostic Radiography)

Nuclear Medicine: bone scans, thyroid scans, VQ scans, cardiac imaging.

Osteoporosis: With the DEXA method [Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry], the patient receives a low-dose, early-detection screen that enables a radiologist to detect bone loss at as little as one percent. DEXA is 99 - 99.5% accurate and measures both the hip and spine -- areas most affected by osteoporosis (hip fractures and "kyphosis," curving of the spine). Support services for patients diagnosed with bone loss include Nutritional Counseling and Physical Therapy.

MRI: Our GE HDE 1.5 tesla machine is at Dosher Medical Plaza on Long Beach Road. MRI is a non-invasive imaging test that aids in the diagnosis and treatment for medical conditions. Magnetic resonance imaging utilizes radio frequency pulses without radiation to show detailed images of soft tissues and internal body structures. Also, the larger opening of this unit eases claustrophobic patients and allows us to diagnose patients up to 300 pounds.

For more information about any of our Diagnostic Imaging services, please call 910-457-3948.

Dosher imaging unit named for retired physician

The Dr. Richard Corbett Diagnostic Imaging Suite is now the name of this unit at Dosher Memorial Hospital after a Dosher Foundation ceremony on August 25.

The retired radiologist who worked at Dosher from 1962 to 1988 has supported the hospital in general and the imaging department in particular with numerous monetary and other gifts over the years.

More than 70 guests attended the event, including residents of Brunswick, New Hanover and Bladen counties. Tom Ryan, former hospital administrator from the 1970s, was one of several speakers who called Dr. Corbett a mentor.

Guests that evening also toured Dosher's newest imaging technology, a 3D mammography suite.

Dr. Corbett reminisces about his 26 years as the radiologist at Dosher, 1962-88. He was the first radiologist in Brunswick County.

Dr. Richard Corbett (in suit) listens as Dosher Foundation President Lynda Stanley (right) reads the sign to be displayed in the hospital department named in his honor. They are joined by Dosher Board trustees, Foundation Board members, physicians and other guests.