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Dosher Memorial Hospital in Southport is the only independent, Critical Access Hospital in North Carolina. The primary service area is Smithville Township and surrounding communities of Brunswick County. It is governed by a board of trustees which is elected by the public.

Dosher has more than 300 employees, 100 doctors on its medical staff, and close to 200 volunteers. Dosher owns and operates 12 primary care and other clinics from Holden Beach to Bald Head Island.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Dosher does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender identity, age, disability, or sex.


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for 31,598 days.

Dosher Medical Clinics

Dosher operates 12 primary care, women's health and general surgery clinics from Holden Beach to Bald Head Island. Click here to view a two-page PDF document showing names, phone numbers and a map with these locations.

To go to a page containing links for detailed information on each of our Dosher Medical Clinics Click Here.

For directions to the hospital, please click on the map below.