A message from the Board Vice Chair

As a long-time resident of Southport, I've seen the need for people to live healthier lives. Whether it's from chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease or consumer choices like drinking too much or smoking, we all know people who would benefit from healthier lifestyles. That's why I and the Board are so supportive of formation of the new Brunswick County Community Wellness Coalition. This is an exceptional opportunity for Dosher to partner with the community to promote health and wellness to a large segment of the population. The chairman for the Coalition, Dr. Scott Starks from the Dosher Hospital Board, has three decades of experience working on community health programs. He was the obvious choice to represent our Board on this exciting new health and wellness initiative. We'll report on Coalition progress throughout the year, but for now, it's a thrilling start. — Karen Taylor, Vice Chair, Dosher Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees.


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