Surgical Services

A wide range of surgeries & procedures are available on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

General surgeries/procedures: include endoscopy and colonoscopy, colon resection, edophageal dilation, laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal), hernia repair, skin lesions, appendectomy, breast biopsy, mastectomy and lumpectomy
Gynecology: open hysterectomy, treatment of pelvic pain, minimally invasive bladder slings for urinary incontinence, laparoscopic surgery on ovaries, lysis of adhesions, surgical correction of abnormal pap smears, laparoscopic hysterectomy, bladder tac, laser of endometriosis, endometrial ablation, laparoscopic exam & removal of ovarian mass or lesions, D&C, hysteroscopy, tubal ligations, and treatment of over active bladder and rectal incontince by neurostimulator implant
Ophthalmology: including eyelid surgery, cataract extraction, and lens implant
Orthopedic: including total knee, total hip, total shoulder, joint arthroscopy, meniscal repair, tendon repair, ligament repair, hand surgery, shoulder surgery, hemiarthroplasty, hip pinning or nailing, open reduction and internal fixation of fractures, wrist fusions, ulnar and carpal tunnel repair, and hip resurfacing
Otolaryngology: [Ear, Nose, Throat] including tonsils and adenoids, ear tubes, tracheostomy, radical neck surgery, septoplasty, thyroidectomy and tympanoplasty
Podiatry: Bunionectomy, tarsal tunnel, joint scopes, ligament repair, tendon repair, and hammertoe repair
Pulmonology including bronchoscopy, and thoracentesis
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: Detecting potential cancer movement
Urology: full services including implants, cystoscopy, bladder suspension, kidney stones and TURP

For more information about Surgical Services at Dosher Memorial Hospital, please call (910)457-3940.