Ophthalmologist Alan Oester, MD, demonstrates the use of the Stryker Neptune E-SEP pencil that removes caustic smoke from OR procedures. (Photo courtesy of State Port Pilot)
Eliminating exposure to surgical smoke

Dosher has created a smoke-free environment for staff in the Operating Rooms. This is through the use of a cautery tool that suctions smoke from incisions into a filtering device.

It was the brainchild of OR Director Kim York, RN, BSN.

"Smoke in the operating room is a bad thing," York told reporters on July 6. "You are exposed to chemicals known to cause cancer and it smells so bad. We decided we didn't want to breathe this anymore."

President & CEO Tom Siemers approved the purchase of the smoke evacuation pencils after York brought the issue to the attention of Administration.

"I go to national, regional and state health conferences every year, and this is never discussed. You need someone like Kim who quarterbacked this all the way through and made it happen," Siemers said. "We've provided a safer environment for our patients and team members."

The OR team also gets credit for communicating the importance of this smoke-eating tool to our staff surgeons. Physicians read up on the issue and tested the equipment prior to use, which is now standard in the OR.


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