Colonoscopy patient thanks doctor

Brunswick County native Trevor McDonald knew there was something wrong. His physician, Dr. Michael Cahn, suspected an infection, but needed to perform a colonoscopy to be sure. Although the procedure isn't one that people look forward to, McDonald says Dr. Cahn was professional, knowledgeable and respectful.

"I highly recommend him," McDonald says. "Just walking into the office, I knew he was a good doctor, the way he interacted with the staff. And his wife works as the receptionist," McDonald says. "Everyone was pleasant. I was impressed."

Dr. Cahn is a board-certified general surgeon on staff at Dosher. "He explains things so that anyone can understand," McDonald says.

Doctors use a colonoscopy to examine the lining of the large intestine to help find polyps, tumors, ulcers - or in McDonald's case, areas of inflammation and infection. It can be vital to help diagnose a variety of illnesses, including some cancers. For certain groups of people, such as older individuals, it's recommended that they get colonoscopies on a regular basis.

"The whole process is quite easy," McDonald says. In fact, when one of McDonald's friends needed a similar procedure, he referred him to Dr. Cahn. "My friend switched doctors to go see him and had a similar, positive experience."

A certified registered nurse anesthetist, who worked with Dr. Cahn in the endoscopy room at Dosher and later needed a colonoscopy, offers these comments: "I admired his thoroughness and expertise in performing endoscopies and colonoscopies…I was extremely pleased with my experience and recommend him highly."-Carolyn S., Elizabeth City.

Dr. Cahn can be reached at his office in Shallotte, 910-798-5347.

Photographer Trevor McDonald works in his studio.


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