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Hospital Services

Our 300+ frontline and administrative team members show up every day, committed to carrying out the mission of providing our patients and community with comprehensive, compassionate, and extraordinary care.

We are proud of our technology as it is continually upgraded as the advancements in healthcare science excel, from robotic arm assisted surgeries, to pressurized oxygen therapy in hyperbaric chambers, and 3-dimensional diagnostic imaging equipment that enables screenings and detection of disease in much earlier stages. We owe much of our new technology to the hard work of our dedicated volunteers who have exceeded $1,000,000 in donations, and to funds secured by The Dosher Foundation, which totaled over $730,000 in 2021 alone.

(If you would like to receive printed information about Dosher Memorial Hospital or any of the services we offer, please Email Us.)

Below is a list of services we offer our community:

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiopulmonary and Respiratory Therapy
Case Management
Diabetes Education
Diagnostic Imaging
Dosher Medical Primary Care Clinics & Urgent Care
Emergency Services
External Counterpulsation Therapy (ECP)
Laboratory Services
Lymphedema Management
Nutritional Services
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Sleep Disorders Laboratory
Speech Therapy
Surgical Services & Procedures
Swing Bed Program
Wound Care Center