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Picture of a male Physician smiling at a male elderly patient.
Picture of a male Physician smiling at a male elderly patient.

Visitor information

Visitor Policy Updates

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have continued to make adjustments to visitor restrictions which are commensurate with community transmission rates along with other safety considerations. The current visitor information is subject to change, so please check with our website and hospital staff for the latest guidelines before you plan your visit.

Patient Care Unit: Visitors are welcome, ages 12 or older. The number of visitors is based on the patient clinical condition, delivery of care needs, and special precautions.

COVID positive patients or suspected COVID positive: 2 designated visitors per day between the hours of 1 - 5pm, who will comply with all safety precautions as instructed by staff.

Emergency Department: Patients in our Emergency Department may have up to two (2) visitors, as space allows. If patient is suspected of having COVID-19, the 2 visitors must be the same designated people throughout the patient's stay in the Emergency Department.

Updated: March 7, 2022

Contact us with your questions

If you have questions concerning visiting hours or to find the best times to visit your friends and family members feel free to Contact Us.

For more information on our community and contacts for services, you can view our community.