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Swing Bed Services at Dosher

Short Term Skilled Care You Can Trust

Dosher's 25 bed Patient Care Unit includes all private rooms.

Your team is in frequent communication to ensure that you receive optimal care and that your individualized needs are getting met.

When you need short-term skilled nursing or rehabilitative care, it's important to know your options ahead of time.

For those unfamiliar with the term, "Swing Bed," it is a phrase used by Medicare which designates a hospital bed to be used for patients who are ready for hospital discharge but who may require post-acute care such as skilled nursing or therapy, before they return home.

What are the benefits of swing bed services for our patients?

You receive the rehabilitation to help you recover in a familiar setting.

If you began your care at Dosher, you do not need to transfer to another facility for skilled nursing or therapy services.

Consistency of care: you will receive quality rehabilitative care from a skilled staff that you already know and trust!

Your care is close to home, which makes it convenient for your friends and family.

You have access to a comprehensive care team 24/7, including physicians, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, and therapy services (physical, occupational, and speech).

You will receive an individualized plan of care to meet your specific needs.

What makes you eligible for a swing bed?

You have Medicare Part A and have benefit days available (may be possible with private insurance on a case by case basis).

Medicare age and disability eligibility requirements are met.

Your condition must meet criteria to necessitate skilled services, such as intravenous injections or therapy.

Physical, Occupation, and Speech Therapists will work with you based on your needs throughout your stay.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What are some examples of reasons a patient may need a swing bed?

A: Wound care, stroke rehabilitation, IV antibiotics, ostomy training, orthopedic care, or more time to heal from a surgery or illness.

Q: Do I need to receive hospital care at Dosher prior to becoming a swing bed patient?

A: While most of the time, you will transition to Swing Bed status in the hospital where you have received care, there may be instances where patients are transferred to Dosher from other facilities for Swing Bed Services. If you are in another hospital and would like to come to Dosher for the short term skilled care that has been advised for you, you may request this through the hospital's Case Manager to determine if Dosher is an option.

Q: Can I come from my home for Swing Bed Services or only from a hospital stay?

A: A patient has up to 30 days from day of inpatient discharge to use skilled benefits. It is possible to be admitted from home to a Swing Bed if certain criteria is met.

For more information:

Contact Ava McDonald, BSW, Dosher Case Manager and Director of Social Services at 910-457-3933 or